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We are happy to partner with Takuma a pioneer in the foil industry 

E-Foil Initiation

(Only Private Lesson)

Adult only: 18+

Maximum weight: 210lbs

The E-Foil Cruising #2 is the most accessible E-Foil on the market.

The short mast and large wing surface facilitate an easy,

stable take-off and effortless glide.

60 minute class on weekdays and Sundays in the morning.

The initiation will include a safety brief on shore. How to operate the E-Foil, 

practicing 3 different positions, laying down, knees and standing.

$160 with equipment (E-Foil , Wetsuit, Helmet, Life Jacket.)

More info at seasurffun@gmail.com



Coming Soon: E-Foil for Sale

Takuma E-Foil Cruising#2

More info at seasurffun@gmail.com

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