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Takuma Cruising 2

 Fly Above Water    

Our Surf School is happy to partner with Takuma a pioneer in the foil industry 

E-Foil Initiation

(Only Private Lesson)

Adult only: 18+

Maximum weight: 200lbs

Is surfing above water possible ? Yes with the E-Foil Cruising #2 is the most accessible E-Foil on the market.

The short mast and large wing surface facilitate an easy,

stable take-off and effortless glide.

60 minute class on weekdays and Sundays in the morning.

The initiation will include a safety brief on shore. How to operate the E-Foil, 

practicing 3 different positions, laying down, knees and standing.

$170 with equipment (E-Foil , Wetsuit, Helmet, Life Jacket.)

15% off on your second class / ask for the promo code.

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E-Foil for Sale

Takuma E-Foil Cruising#2


Delivery: $500

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• Easiest efoil to learn and progress on

• Extremely stable and reactive

• Voluminous board shape, suitable for nearly all body types

• Internal antenna for a consistent connection

• Streamlined, powerful jet propulsion

• Deck handles for ease of carrying and mounting


Takuma Efoil Crusing 2

The Takuma Efoil Cruising 2 is the most accessible Efoil on the market. The voluminous board, short mast and large wing surface facilitate an easy, stable take-off and effortless glide for all riders.

Easy Setup

Intelligently designed for a quick and easy set up. Simple two cable connection and a fully waterproof interior compartment.

• Extremely efficient electric speed control system

• Sleek and compact propeller

• Gain speeds of up to 30km/h

• 25A Battery gives a riding autonomy of up to 65 mins

Effortless glide and lift

Profoil 1900cm2 full carbon front wing and 300cm2 back wing.

• Large surface area for excellent stability

• Smooth lift perfectly suited for first time riders

• For optimal use in calm water riding

Intuitive remote controller

Quick to connect and simple to use, helping you feel in control from your very first ride.

• Lightweight, fully waterproof and bouyant

• Easy to set and control speed level • Turbo boost feature for extra power on takeoff

• Clear visibility of efoil and remote battery levels

• Low battery warning - vibrating and visual display


Board dimensions: 6’4” x 30” 150L

Profoil full-carbon front and back wing: 1900mm/300mm

Mast: 50cm

What's Included

  1. Cruising 2 board 

  2. Board bag

  3. Mini ESC and ESC foam cover

  4. Antenna clips

  5. 25Ah Battery and charger

  6. Propulsion mast

  7. Fuselage

  8. Front wing

  9. Back wing

  10. Remote control and charger

  11. Screw box

  12. Tef Gel®

  13. Instruction manual

Fly Above The Water
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