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Mountain Lake

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Paddle Boarding delivers a full body workout and it's a popular cross training activity.

Since you stand at your full heigh, you can enjoy unique views.

It's an incredible exercise routine, you can easily traverse 4 miles and burn 200-500 calories an hour under recreational conditions.

You will work out a variety of muscle, your core strength and balance will also improve.

Best of all, this is a low impact sport, so your joints are protected, it's a full body workout that most other sports can't offer.

From September to May 

Only private lesson

Monday and Wednesday at 9 am

1 hour - $60 

2 hours - $100

Our main activity is teaching surfing, we decide to offer paddle boarding initiation with a tour in the bay.

Why the bay, because it's the perfect flat water to help you keep the balance on the board.