Safety / Priority

Safety is a chief concern for me. If needed, I have CPR and Basic First Aid certifications, and always keep a first-aid kit on the beach.

The fact that there is a fire station 300 feet from the beach is very good point for the speed of potential intervention.

But of course I am mainly focused on preventive action: assessing water conditions before getting out, using soft-top boards with flexible fins and continuously watching over our students.

Students wear colored rash guards in order to be easily identified in the middle of other surfers.

Starting with the first class I teach our students the safety gestures that should become good habits for later.

I also practice a deep warming-up and stretching as the best way to prevent muscular pains.

I accept all students (older than 7) whom are able to swim and that have no medical condition that would be aggravated by surfing.

In order to conserve time, please try to arrive 20 minutes before the class with the waiver already filled out.