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Revolution Balance Board
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Improve your balance skills with a special workout.

Winter is coming, it's raining and cold but you want stay in shape 

Balance Fitness will help to maintain your motivation all year long with a coach.

Balance Fitness is an intense one hour fitness session with different exercises which reinforce specific skills needed for riding sports. It help you to stay in shape when you practice less during low season or for personal reasons and will help you to get better in general.

For example, in the water, surfers need three things: endurance, power and core balance.

Training for surfing is different than for other sports, we train on land to perform in the water.

This workout will not only reinforce your body power in general but it will also maintain your mental determination and enthusiasm, which is a big part of surfing.


If you don't surf, this workout is great too. Working your core and balance is useful for a lot of different situations.


The 1 hour coaching is divided in 3 parts of 20 minutes:

Fast Cardio 

Balance Exercises

Balance Training

Fast Cardio 

Sprints are a great way to train for explosive leg power, and in fact massive amounts of core strength and rotational stability

Balance Training 

Balance training is a major part of the workout routines of most surfers.

There are two main reasons you want to utilize a balance trainer: improving strength when training & maintaining strenght when you can make it into the water.

The Bosu Ball  and Revolution Board are the perfect tools to work your balance indoor or ourdoor in very safe conditions.


Balance Exercices

Surfing is meant to be fun and it is, but if you want to maximize your enjoyment, improve to the next level and escalate the time that you can spend in the water—then you are going to need to do a little work.

Warm up and down, Core, Upper Body, Lower Body, Flexibility.

Where ? 

Indoor or Outdoor, we adapt to your preferences.

At home, at the office, in a park, tell us

We drive to you in SF and Bay Area. Ask for your location.

When ?

Monday & Wednesday mornings or Thursday Afternoons


Price for 1 hour.

-Group (Minimum 4 students)  $15 each

-Private (1 to 1)                        $50

-Semi private (2 or 3 students) $30 each

We can pair the Balance Fitness sessions with surf lessons to optimize your improvements and maximize the fun